A Wizarding Workshop

It isn’t essential to have a passion for the topic you have chosen for your Drama workshop, but when you will be spending hours preparing it, trust me it most certainly makes your preparation time a lot more enjoyable!!! Being a Harry Potter fan since the first book was published and Harry Potter mania making a welcome return, I was rather excited to be able to offer this to young Harry Potter fans at the school where I teach in Cambridge.

I tested out interest in the weekly school newsletter and there was a good up take of interest and an option to offer a further workshop to those who were unable to make the date I decided on. With the room booked, risk assessment drawn up and the emergency contact information forms sent out and returned, I could now focus on the fun part of the preparation!

The morning arrived and it was incredibly hot, but it doesn’t matter I am dressed up as Professor McGonagall, I told myself; the room has air conditioning…except the person in charge of the lease didn’t know how to switch it on! Something I should have checked prior to the day of the workshop!

The tone was set with the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone playing in the background and excited participants were issued with a ‘Hogwarts Express’ ticket on arrival. Once all my wizard and witches arrived (who were of course dressed suitably for the occasion, with wands in tow) we all took turns pushing through the wall of Platform 9&3/4 (a Harry Potter shower curtain attached to the door frame) which thrilled the children and was a great start to the opening of the workshop!

Warm-up games adapted to reflect my Harry Potter theme were played with gusto once the School Rules for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were read out! The games were rounded off with Charades, Hogwarts Style of course with each participant taking on the ‘role’ of a character and delivering a line their character speaks with much amusement! The first half of the workshop was rounded off with the four houses (assigned with the sorting hat) pitting their wits against each other with The Great Harry Potter Quiz. During the second half of the workshop participants rehearsed and acted out a series of scenes taken from The Philosopher’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I was delighted with how seriously they took the parts and scenes they were given bringing the world of Harry Potter vividly to life. Before we knew it was time to leave Hogwarts and return to the muggle world! Feedback forms were handed out before the event ended and the participants were generous with their responses and plans are afoot for a follow-up workshop later in the year!


August article – A Wizarding Workshop by Sam Tucker