At the time of writing it is Tuesday 23rd March – the newly marked ‘Day of Reflection’; a year since the start of the first lockdown in England, a year since all our lives radically changed.  We are asked to hold a minute silence at noon and to stand on our doorsteps with a light in the evening.  We are asked to remember – to reflect.


Today is also my final day of teaching before close of term in a few days for the Easter break.  I returned into school for live lessons on 11th March. I was deeply looking forward to it – as were my pupils.  We were hopeful and feeling optimistic. First up I had 2 small groups doing LAMDA grade 3 scripted scenes. Beginning such exam work at home and in separate rooms dictated a different approach, we had done a lot of background, character work and visual design as well as ‘reading the script’. This first lesson in a space together was bonkers!!!  We got out props and made noise and leapt around (all in keeping with our objective!) we were able to put our ideas into practice – and it worked!

This was a common theme throughout the following weeks. All the preparation work done remotely was finally put into the space. A seamless transition occurred – pupils arrived with their imbedded knowledge, the staging of a scene seemed to flow naturally, and words were beginning to be committed to memory. An excitement and drive lifted an end of term which is usually plagued by fatigue – the Spring term being the most packed with work with academic exams looming. There were no excuses because work had not been done…. because it had!

Katie Thorpe -Buckinghamshire

March article – Day of Reflection, 23rd March by Katie Thorpe