Thérèse Williams and Lynne Collinson were honoured to represent STSD by private invitation to attend a memorial symposium for Yukio Ninagawa the highly regarded Japanese Director who died last year age 80.
His insight into directing Shakespeare’s Macbeth was unique in how it touched your heart and at the same time chilled you to the chore. His use of cherry blossom is a Japanese symbol of how delicate and  fragile human life is.

The symposium was opened by the Japanese Ambassador for the UK Kōjo Tsuruoka.

The speakers at the symposium included Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute and Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Birmingham University.

Michael Billington, Theatre Critic.
Philip Breen Theatre and Television Director.

Rosalind Fielding,PhD candidate, Shakespeare Institute.

An in-depth interview with Kyozo Nakamura, the Kabuki  onnagata actor  who is playing one of the witches in the Macbeth production at the Barbican followed by Plymouth.
His views and thoughts on performing and working with the great Master were most insightful.
The interview was conducted by Ryuichi Kodama, Vice-Director of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum and Professor, Waseda University.
Amongst the honoured guests were Professor Sir Stanley Wells the great Shakespearian historian,
Professor Paul Edmonson one of our members and Shakespeare Officiado,
and the actor Andrew Woodall, currently playing Julius Caesar for the RSC.

The Symposium was first class, a real insight into the life and works of one of the worlds greatest directors of all time.
A reception was held afterwards which gave Lynne and Thérèse plenty of time to mingle and interview various actors and academics for our Word Matters Journal.
So make sure you read it from cover to cover to find out more about the event and the people involved.
Thérèse Williams, Council member and publicity committee.


Ninagawa Shakespeare: A Memorial Symposium. At The Embassy of Japan – Friday 6th October 2017