After training at Guildhall, where I met my musician husband, Stewart we decided that he would go on the road to earn a crust and I would do some teaching at home in Leicestershire. I put an advert in the local paper and at the age of 21, started teaching speech and drama to five youngsters in my front room. Within a few years I was running workshops and classes at a local church hall and before long I had nearly 200 students on the register. We offered examinations – Guildhall to begin with and then I inherited the students of a retiring teacher who taught the LAMDA syllabus. Over the next 40 years I ran my own speech and drama studio with exams every term, class productions and entries in the Nuneaton Festival of arts annually and a major theatrical production every couple of years . I also worked in 4 private schools for several years. Along the way I was invited to become a London examiner, which I have continued to do for the past 33 years and I became an adjudicator for the British and international Federation of Festivals in 1991. By the late 1990s I had leased premises in the centre of my town and built a studio theatre complete with lighting rig but senior students were now running the Saturday classes and I was ready for a new challenge. In 2000 I started a new company, Loud & Clear Voice Coaching with a focus on the business sector. Over the past 20 years I have enjoyed the challenge of developing new training programmes for business executives and have had the privilege of delivering training for many major companies. I have also spoken about Voice at several business conferences.

My daughter took over my drama school in 2013 which freed me to travel more widely. I am now a guest speaker on cruise ships, speaking on performance in literature and theatre and I have enjoyed four cruises this year. So, after 45 years in self-employment I am still involved in teaching a few speech and drama students and entering them for examinations, as well as my work in the business sector. I have recently finished writing a book ,which I hope drama teachers will find useful when it is published in 2020. My working year is now a mixture of face-to-face coaching, examining, adjudicating, public speaking and performing and I love it all!

Priscilla Morris