Rev Dr Paul Edmondson  very kindly shared this sonnet with us.

He walked the Shakespeare Way over ten days which coincided with the stsd conference. Walkers read a Shakespeare sonnet every mile, and Paul Wrote some of his own, including this one:

Sonnets on the Way

So far we’ve reached one hundred and sixteen,

read just alongside the M25:

one every mile. Those breaks for us have been

moments to feel differently alive.

We’ve stopped and listened, leaning gently in,

to follow the progressions of his thought;

sometimes we’ve frowned – he’s often made us grin,

the music of his mind and words have caught

and printed on our faces, tongues, and eyes

his challenges in love, so that it seems

his own imagination, and our sighs

make choirs in the landscapes of his dreams.

     The furrows, hills, roads, woodland, hear our talk,

     and print our path like Shakespeare, as we walk.

Sonnets on the Way by Rev Dr Paul Edmondson